James Suckling's ratings

James Suckling tasted our Les Terres de MasLauris and L'Inopiné ranges

James Suckling's ratings

‍JamesSuckling tasted our wines and gave us scores

The world of wine is steeped in passion, history and complexity. Each sip of wine reveals layers of unique flavors, aromas and sensations, creating an unforgettable sensory experience. Among the experts who have devoted their lives to deciphering these vinous mysteries, James Suckling stands out for his in-depth knowledge and ability to translate these subtleties into captivating words.

Who is James Suckling?

James Suckling is a leading figure in the world of wine, a renowned wine critic and an influential wine journalist. His passion for wine was cultivated during his years as wine editor of the renowned Wine Spectator magazine. Over the course of his career, Suckling has tasted and scored thousands of wines, developing unrivalled expertise in the art of wine evaluation.

Endowed with a keen sensibility, Suckling excels in his ability to describe not only a wine's gustatory characteristics, but also the emotion it evokes. His wine reviews are widely respected and eagerly awaited, offering valuable insights to wine lovers, connoisseurs and producers alike.

We're proud to share with you James Suckling's reviews of Les Terres de MasLauris and L'Inopiné, in all three colors. Indeed, this international expert had the opportunity to taste these six cuvées and write some lovely comments, accompanied by scores out of 100.

We leave you the pleasure of discovering them below.